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Advance Equipments

We have a team of updated, experienced technicians that are given in-house training regarding utility and maintainence of certain advanced level equipments. Such kind of devices or equipipments is high temperature and pressure tolerant, and therefore can perform extremely well under strict conditions. This advanced equipment includes the following:

1. Biology/ Chemistry/ Polymer: the devices under this category are incubator, laminar flow bench, fume extractor, chimney/ fume hood, glassware, microbalance, strirrer, thermogravimetric analyzer, differential thermal analyzer, transient density analyzer, microkelvin analyzer, ultrasonic homogeniser, ultrasonic cleaner, PH analyzer, ergometer analyzer, and explosive analyzer.
2. Electrical/ Renewables Energy Device: This category includes devices like air core reactor, auto transformers, axial lead resistance, axial resistance, filter air core reactors, filter reactors, load bank, energy storage capacitors, thermo volt shunt, SSR, toroidal transformers, W/W heat sink resistors, W/W resistance, and W/W rheostate.
3. Electrical/ renewable experimental setup: The equipments that form essential part of this category are AC/AC CONVSETUP, AC/DC converter, AC/DC converter for motor, DC/DC converter, DC/DC CONVSETUP, HF current transformer, Eddy dynamometer, HF Electrical bridge, class D amplifier, and power converter
4. Electrical/ renewable instruments: this category includes Wattmeter, varmeter, voltmeter or amperemeter, ferrodynamic wattmeter, galvanometer, power analyzer, megger, earth tester, and electronic load.
5. Electrical and Mechanical Machines: The range of products is AC traction motor, corona simulator, DC traction motor, dynamo meter for electric motor, high power factor DC drive, laminated sepex motor, DC traction motor, torque meter, synchronous motor, slip recovery AC drive, PMMDC motor, and Spl. Motor.
6. Device and materials: hydraulic dynamometer, heater, microspot welding machine, MR fluid, MR suspension, REG suspension, S beamlc, and UV lamp forms part of this category.
7. Industrial Equipments include centrifugalblower, induction heater, induction furnace, phase-controlled welder, protection welding machine, pulse rectifier, Seam welding machine, spot welding machine, transient tension controller, workstation table.
8. Test and Instrument 1: data acquisition system, AC transient dynamometer, electro dynamic shaker, friction analyzer, pulse potentiostate etc.
9. Test and Instrument 2: SPM analyzer, temperature control, torque sensor and many others are part of these category equipments.
10. Textiles 1: CO2 incubator, data acquisition system, digital pressure etc.
11. Textile 2: picoamperemeter, RF moisture, rheometer, signal converter among others.
12. Textile 3: differential scanning calorimeter, surface irregularity analyzer, transient viscosity analyzer, coating thickness measurement and many more are part of this category.

All these equipments guarantees quality service in whatever applications They are utilized.

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