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Materials & Instruments

Our highly professional team of engineers is well versed with the use and modification of raw materials in order to create what is called as a masterpiece. These materials and instruments developed find a wide range of application at various kinds of industries as well. The variety is endless and some of them are:

1. Programmable power Supplies
2. Flow/Pressure/ Level Measurement
3. Sensors/ Actuators and Materials
4. Passive Devices/Equipments
5. Testing/ Measurement Instruments/ Equipments
6. Advanced Analytical Instruments

Well-trained people make all these wide range of instruments and equipments of quality raw materials as per the industry guidelines. The classification is wider owing to the fact that with small variations in certain components, the entire device can be transformed. The range of programmable power supply units at Motoron Semiconductors Corporation includes flawless and tested products including magnetic power supply, R.F power supply, dipole charging power supply, capacitor charging power supply, Ac/Ac power supply, DC/DC power supply, High current low voltage D.C power supply, Frequency changer or phase shifter, E.H voltage power supply, Pulse power supply micro machine, high voltage pulse power supply, highvoltage low current power supply, solar power plant, grid tier power transfer system, and electronic load.Products that forms the category of sensors/ actuators and materials are strain gauges/Hall sensors, micro heater, proximity inductive sensors, proximity hall sensors, thermocouples/thermopiles PTC/NTC, gas sensors/gas analyzers/ nano materials, silver conducting pastes, LVDT, RVDT, tachometer/resolver, M.R fluids and more. There is wide range of products under advanced analytical instruments and we at Motoron are dedicated to produce temperature and pressure constraint devices so as to ensure durability under hard conditions. These devices are: transient P.H analyzer/ visco analyzer, ultra stable water/silicon fluid bath, mass flux chamber/ incubators/ fume extractors, laminar flow bench, melting point apparatus, differential scanning calorie analyzer, thermogravimetric analyzer, moisture analyzer/ friction analyzer, poro analyzer, permeability analyzer, electrodynamic shaker/ Amplifier, Moisture controller. Under passive devices and equipments, following devices are highly in demand:

1. Load bank, resistance, rheostats, capacitors, inductors 1, inductors 2, U.V lamp, muffle and tubular furnace
2. Energy storage capacitors/ reactors
3. Potentiometer, thermo volt shunt
4. Electronic Hol plate, ultrasonic cleaner, water bath, vibration isolators, pulse/ resistive electromagnet/ charger
5. Non-ferrous metal welding machine

These are only few, but we offer similar range of products exclusively made to work at certain application level.

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